There Is No Alternative was an exhibition produced by W1P and lasted for only one night. The theme of the show portrayed a nihilistic outlook on our current systems in society and how some systems, especially capitalism, have convinced many people that there is no better way to construct a society. The phrase “there is no alternative” is a slogan that is often used by British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher to promote globalized capitalism. It is often used in the economic industry to refer to “Free” markets.
The idea behind this catalogue’s design was to visualize the idea of this capitalist system and how the game makers of that system portray. I decided to devise a grid system that is closely inspired by Josef Müller-Brockman and the catalogue itself is a singular poster. It is initially folded up as a book but gives the audience no other alternative but to read it exactly how it opens and exactly in the order I have designed.

Participating Artists:
Morgan Chandler
Hunter Ehlers
Justin Leary
Lucca Levin
Arina Polyanskaya
Sonia Royal
Mathew Sotelo



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